ESPN - Prince Of The Court

Direction, Design, 2D Animation, Poetry

ESPN: Prince Of The Court

Creative Direction, Art Direction, 2D Animation for TV Documentary


“Game: Blouses”

ESPN celebrates Prince's lifelong love of basketball, with stories from his Central High basketball coach, Sheila E., and Micki Free — who took part in the now-famous "Shirts vs. Blouses" game. I was approached by ESPN to create a series of illustrated animation sequences to depict some of these stories.

I could not have created this without the talented hand of Lester Chan who adapted my initial style frames and created a powerful lyrical drawing style which set the tone for the piece.

View the full feature doc here on ESPN.

Animation Credits:

Animations Produced by KAPWA
Creative Direction & Art Direction: Robertino Zambrano
Design & Illustration: Lester Chan, Bryce Pemberton
Animation & Compositing: Lester Chan, Bryce Pemberton, Derek Lau, John Grist