ESPN Fan Stories: All Hail The Queen

Direction, Design, 2D Animation, Poetry

ESPN Fan Stories: “All Hail The Queen”

Animation Direction, Art Direction, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Character Animation


Less Elizabethan queen - more black leather.

I was commissioned by documentary filmmakers Melissa Johnson & Katelyn Howes to conceive and create animation sequences for “ESPN Fan Stories: All Hail the Queen“, a mini-doc about WWE superfan, Lindsey Kelk. The team designed and brought to life Lindsey's royally bad-ass glam punk alter-ego, The Queen, using a hybrid of frame-by-frame 2D animation and 3D, finished in a punk-rock inspired comic-book aesthetic.

Being a WWE fan has given me more confidence to be myself. I’m very happy to stand out now.”
— Lindsey Kelk


Production Company: One Twenty-Seven Pictures
Directed and Produced by: Melissa Johnson & Katelyn Howes
Editor: Mariana Blanco

Animation Produced by KAPWA
Animation Director & Art Director: Robertino Zambrano
Design: Robertino Zambrano, John Grist, Nancy Li
Storyboards: Robertino Zambrano, Lester Chan
2D Animation: Bryce Pemberton, Lester Chan, Nancy Li
3D Animation: Albert Hogeol Lee, Bryce Pemberton, Robertino Zambrano
Compositing: John Grist, Robertino Zambrano, Nancy Li